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A special touch for luxury yachts

Arnold builds exclusive and luxurious metal products for the manufacturers of luxury yachts. The demands for perfect execution and reliable adherence to schedules are usually extremely high and require a very intensive, trust-based relationship with the client. Arnold therefore assigns a special team to these projects to look after them round the clock: from the initial consultation through the planning, design, and production phases all the way to the installation of the finished product worldwide. A close and straightforward relationship with the client is essential for the successful realization of the project.


A love of detail

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Arnold AG

Inspiring ideas

Custom-made design

Arnold AG

All-round service

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Arnold AG

Services for yachts

Exclusive interior and exterior railings with or without lighting
Decorative chimney and exhaust pipe cladding
Railings for indoor and outdoor pools
Handrails for stairs
Wind protection / Wind breakers
Decorative grilles
Wave breakers
Mast railings


New builds

Arnold plans, designs, and produces high-gloss polished modules and individual components that are as complex as they are exclusive. To be able to implement our clients’ exact wishes, our yacht team cultivates a close relationship with the client from the moment we make the offer and considers every conceivable metal-working option. The result is unusual railings, stairs, or chimney claddings for the exterior and individual design objects for the interior. The choice of materials is virtually limitless—along with metal, we also work with glass and wood.

Installing new furnishings on luxury yachts requires the utmost discretion, reliability, and flexibility. Our specialized installation team is attuned to these wishes and has been rising to the challenge for many years now.


Metal surfaces may lose their shine over time. Restoring the polished and unblemished appearance of railings, chimney cladding, or handrails is part of our spectrum of services.

We also provide support for refits from the consultation stage to realization—either in our own production facilities or directly at moorings all over the world.

Looking for a strong partner to help you realize a great project? Share your idea with us.

Arnold AG
Arnold AG


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