Design elements for a Frankfurt shopping center

Project name: Skyline Plaza
Place: Frankfurt
Architecture/design: Karin Kühl, ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG
Special features: Two 4.5 ton spatial elements made of sheet steel and aluminum representing abstract trees; all-in-one package including planning, statics, production, transport, and assembly; cooperation with specialist partners.

A walk through the shopping park

Visitors to the Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt can now enjoy the atmosphere of a city park. ECE head designer Mark Gurney had the idea of having the shopping center’s interior design resemble a stroll through Frankfurt. Led by ECE architect Karin Kühl, Arnold’s fitters “planted” two stylized 10.5 m trees in the shopping center.

Two tall trees invite visitors to linger

The trunks and branches are made not of wood, but of 10 mm sheet steel with a special Volimea surface to allow the steel of the trunks to resemble real tree trunks. The oval leaves made of 5 mm sheet aluminum bear individual laser-cut designs. Each tree weighs 4.5 tons. LEDs in the leaf rings provide atmospheric illumination. The benches underneath the trees were also made in the Arnold workshops.

Nests in the Food Court

While the balconies in the Food Court on the second floor resemble birds’ nests made of wood, they actually consist of aluminum profiles treated to look like wood. The different curvatures of each profile resulted in over a hundred arches of different lengths that were destined to contain the cables for nineteen uplight spotlights and ten pendant lights. The nests were first completely assembled in the shop and inspected several times by the client before being installed on site.

Sails for shade

To enable visitors to relax in an unusual atmosphere, the nine green leaf sails in the Food Court provide plentiful shade and create a welcoming space.

The success of every project depends on close cooperation with all partners—in this case, with the leading architect—at every stage, from creating the substructure for the room installation, planning, structural calculations, production, and assembly.

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