The challenge of railroad technology and transportation: welded and bonded designs that meet the highest requirements

We provide a wide range of services for exterior and interior areas in railroad technology. Your options at our company are as varied as Arnold itself.

Safety takes top priority in railroad vehicle construction, closely followed by minimum manufacturing costs. That applies both to power converter housings and to design components for interiors. Therefore, it is important to pay particular attention to the cost-effectiveness and competitiveness of your railroad technology products right from the development and design stage. This depends just as much on the right choice of material as on suitable manufacturing methods. After all, in addition to the different DIN standards and regulations, cost savings are always a primary consideration in the production process, too.

Therefore, choose a partner for your product who has been familiar with railroad technology requirements for many years and who will spare neither expense nor effort to meet them and find the right solutions. That way you will be on the right course for your small and large series all the way from planning and development through prototype construction to readiness for series production.

Certified welding and bonding

Metal bonding in accordance with DIN 6701 A1-A3 is so to speak the “license to bond” in railroad technology. Adhesive-based joining technology

We know what we are doing

Renowned customers like Bombardier, Siemens, Knorr-Bremse, and ABB have put their trust in our many years of expertise in the railroad technology industry.

With Arnold you can rely on:

  • High-quality products for railroad vehicle construction from power converter housings to interior equipment
  • Safety as a top priority for your railroad product
  • Certified bonding and welding
  • A focus on cost optimization
  • Individual solutions for your requirements

You will find an extensive overview of our licenses and certificates for railroad technology, bonding, and welding under Downloads.

Please contact us today and let us put your product on the rails together. Compliant with standards and laws.

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