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Our divisions

Each of our three divisions, Industry, Project, and Art, sends the same clear message:
We are open to innovation, we have a great deal of confidence in our abilities, we work hand in hand with our clients, and we regard ourselves as a long-term partner you can rely on.

Our core strength is diversity.


Detection, mechanical engineering, medical and analytical technology, transportation, feasibility studies, engineering


Architecture, yacht equipment, feasibility studies, Lobby furnishings, special advertising carriers, airport furnishings, engineering


Sculptures, restoration and value conservation, assembly, feasibility studies, engineering


“Think like a craftsman, manufacture like an industrialist” was Karl Arnold’s philosophy. We took this as our starting point and have continued to build on it over the generations. Our Industry Division, for instance, will support you all the way from the initial design through to the serial manufacture of your product.

Our “Value Analysis Value Engineering” method, known as eeva, was developed especially for industrial clients and helps you to reduce estimated production costs even before production begins, while also increasing customer utility and keeping revisions to a minimum.

Our spectrum ranges from the smallest component to the production of complex modules right the way through to the assembly of your final product.

Alongside standard sheet-metal processing we also specialize in high production requirements, low tolerances, precise surface specifications, lead coating, gluing to the A1 (DIN 6701) standard, welding (CL1 DIN EN 15085), laser welding, small complex bending tasks, final assembly with additional components, and surface finishes of all kinds.

Our transparent production planning and our tried and tested logistics concepts make us a strong yet flexible partner for industry.

Industry Division


Unusual shapes, special materials, challenging assembly assignments—when it comes to design, aesthetics, and functionality, our Project Division sets exacting standards. A façade in Bordeaux, shimmering like a glass of red wine, a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean with a salt water-resistant rail, a forty-ton suspended sphere in Frankfurt: all of them one-offs, all of them made out of metal.

We develop and produce furnishings of all kinds as well as engineering structures for designers and architects. The first impression is what counts: that’s why we focus on the entrance area and lobby furnishings. Together with our subsidiary Nordlicht we have expanded our range of services in this area. Other fields in which we work include high-end advertising carriers with integrated technology, individual furniture, 3D-shaped surfaces, and counters made of a diverse range of materials.

Project Division


We will work closely with you to realize your sculpture step-by-step using our engineering know-how and our wealth of technical creativity. Whether it’s a feasibility study you’re after or the craftsmanship required to realize your ideas, we always work according to the principle: “You are the artist, we are the brush.”

However off-the-wall an idea might be: there’s no such thing as an impossible wish. Realizing unusual assignments is our passion. Mirror-polished so that you can see your reflection, with or without coating, sculptures made out of stainless steel, Corten, bronze or aluminum—Arnold Art will take on any challenge and tackle it with perfect craftsmanship and personal dedication.

Alongside producing engineering feasibility scenarios and realizing sculptures we also conserve and restore metal sculptures. Reliable assembly in Germany and abroad rounds off the Arnold Art portfolio.

Art Division