Traditional metal construction

Our work is system-independent and incorporates a wide range of materials, from metal through wood, natural stone, and mineral composites to glass. Traditional metal construction

Arnold’s roots are in the traditional trades. Our product range is as varied as our clients’ needs.

  • Stairs
  • Railings and handrails
  • Porch roofs
  • Decorative mounted facades
  • Wall paneling
  • Ceiling panels
  • Signage and advertising vehicles
  • Barrier systems
  • Counters
  • Urban furniture
  • All kinds of design elements

We love the unusual

Traditional production methods like bending, laser processing, stamping, and welding are some of our core skills. Our favorite projects are the kinds that challenge us across the full spectrum of our services, from planning through manufacturing to assembly. In contrast, we don’t really do much in the way of “off-the-rack” products. Our main interest lies in new challenges and sophisticated ideas: We love to find solutions, to work in a system–independent way, and play with a wide range of materials—from metal through wood, natural stone, and mineral composites to glass.

Laurels aren’t for resting on

At Arnold, we develop new production methods and technologies as a matter of course—in every field from architecture through yacht building to design and art in public buildings.

Which project can we help you with?

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