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different production processes


m/min – maximum speed of our laser welding head


hours of laser capacity per year


µM - realized roughness value (Rz)

Our mission statement

Arnold Innovation

Diversity is the name of the game. We offer products and services that go well beyond traditional metalworking.  Whether in the Industry, Object, Project, or Art division, our core strength is our highly diverse portfolio. If it’s made of metal, we’ll build it for you.

Arnold Culture

There’s no such thing as impossible. We tackle challenges with skill, passion, and a wealth of ideas. Our ninety-year history, our team of highly qualified employees, and our network of valuable, long-term partnerships enable us to make the impossible possible.

Arnold Experience

Experiences in metal. Our skilled craftsmanship and clever engineering bend the rules of the possible, translating daring designs into inspiring products. Quality materials and workmanship and rapid realization are facts of life for us.