Safety-relevant components –
certification and approval


Certified components are subject to very stringent standards, such as DIN 6701, EN 15085. To produce a component as per

  • the A1 certificate (gluing) or the
  • CL1 certificate (welding),

very complex process documentation is required.

Arnold has been specializing in guaranteeing certification-relevant components for many years and offers in-house expertise with our own

  • adhesive engineers,
  • bonders,
  • bonding technicians,
  • welding engineers,
  • and certified welders.



We provide

  • comprehensive process documentation,
  • the required certificates and protocols,
  • standard-compliant production, and
  • proof of certified partners.


We can carry out all necessary testing procedures, such as

  • salt and spray tests,
  • fire safety tests, and
  • leak tests

with partners.

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