First article inspection (fai) for series products


The First Article Inspection (short: FAI) is an initial sample inspection. An individual product manufactured under real series conditions is checked for quality and thus its suitability for mass production. 

The process is highly structured. Depending on the design of the product, Arnold carries out one or two FAIs for initial sample inspections in the transportation sector.


First Article Inspection (FAI) First Article Inspection (FAI)

During an FAI, representatives of the customer, usually from the areas of quality management and construction, examine the end product.

The dimensional tolerances are measured and checked as specified in the drawing or technical documentation, and finally the result is documented in the FAI protocol. Deviations are recorded and appropriate measures are agreed.

Why carry out an FAI?

Thanks to FAI, potential errors are identified and eliminated before series production. First Article Inspection (FAI)

The purpose of an FAI is to ensure error-free series production of new products. There are many advantages:

  • Avoidance of systematic errors.
  • Ensure that drawings and specifications are adhered to under series conditions.
  • Avoidance of deviations and rework during series production.
  • Proof that all processes, tools, and equipment used for series production at the manufacturer's facilities ensure the required product quality.
  • Systematized approval decision for series production.

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When is an fai carried out?

Basically when a product is manufactured by a supplier for the first time or if there is a production break of  more than 12 months.

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