Vehicle exterior –
tightness the top priority

Our specialists seal your railway technology products to withstand all external environmental influences. Professional sealing of railway technology exterior

Environmental influences affect vehicles in the transportation sector. Sun, rain, sand, and salt attack the surface of attached elements, such as overhead and underfloor power converters or battery housings. So the professional sealing of these products is very important.

Arnold adhesive engineers ensure the selection of the right sealants and proper application.

The exterior housing is sealed by trained and certified in-house bonders. This is how we comply with the required IP protection class. 

During the leak test, the IP protection class is tested in accordance with DIN EN 60529. It applies to electrical devices. The IP tests take place in special chambers. Here, the resistance of closed products against the penetration of particles, such as sand or dust and liquids, is evaluated. Depending on requirements, different chambers are available, including dust chambers with talc or Arizona dust, as well as spray and splash chambers. After testing, the product receives an IP code. 

To make vehicle attachments in the transportation sector as light as possible, it is important to use the right materials and construction methods. Weight-optimized manufacture

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