Welded assemblies with small tolerances

Small tolerances are just one of many quality factors for your welded modules. Small tolerances – one of many quality factors

Small tolerances are just one of many quality factors for your welded assemblies. Since we are a specialist in sheet metal working and have many years of experience in railroad technology, along with many other business areas, complex weld seams and weld designs are among our core competences.

Special requirements and special designs like high-gloss polished 3D sheet metal made from stainless steel with deep indentations—for example, in the form of a tub—do pose a challenge, of course. In this case, scratch-free electropolishing of the seams prevents residue adhering to them. Units and modules, like those in medical and analysis technology, benefit particularly from this.

Which welding method is best suited to your industrial product or your welding assembly? Choose from the conventional welding processes in sheet metal working:

  • WIG welding
  • MIG welding
  • MAG welding
  • Laser welding

Our laser welding robots allow us to give your industrial products weld seams measuring up to eight meters in length. Large product series in particular benefit from industrial welding. Please make use of the individual manufacturing possibilities in the manufacture of your modules and allow us to advise you.

Grinding and polishing after welding

To meet the requirements for a high-quality surface on your welded module, our grinding and polishing experts will skillfully make all weld seams and traces of processing disappear. High-level requirements for surfaces

Quality meets aesthetics

Put your trust in the expertise of our welding engineers and welding specialists:

  • Clean weld seams with small tolerances, including for special constructions
  • Use of a wide range of welding methods
  • Manufacture of welded modules from a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, steel, and aluminum
  • Grinding and polishing for smooth and scratch-free surfaces
  • Protection against corrosion by separating the stainless steel/aluminum welding shop and steel welding shop

Please contact us and put your welded modules in our hands —for seamless and flawless results.