OEM production: everything from a single source straight to your line

If you wish, we will build all mechatronic and electronic components into your industrial housing. Industrial housing with a variety of components

Being an OEM supplier, are you looking for a finished product that you can simply install or deliver to your customers? You’d rather not have to deal with the manufacture and be able to rely absolutely on your suppliers to take care of the requisite quality checks? Yet you still don’t want to forfeit individual solutions?

Then leave the complete manufacturing process for your OEM product to us— from production to final assembly. If you wish, we will install all mechatronic and electronic components in your industrial housing and check them for correct functioning before assembly. Our trained staff will take care of the final quality check, including for the electric components, and document it, too. Finally, we will pack your OEM product to your requirements before it makes the journey to your plant and to the market.

In a nutshell, this means your finished OEM product will arrive straight at your line newly checked and ready for use.

OEM production with final check

You take care of the order, we‘ll take care of everything else:

  • Handling of the complete sheet metal manufacturing process from manufacture to assembly
  • Installation and function test of mechatronic and electronic components
  • Quality test and test documentation
  • Packaging and direct delivery to the line

Be honest: tell us how we can relieve your workload for your order. And we’ll simply get on with it.