Medical and analysis equipment from prototype to series

Being a medical and analysis equipment company, do you have high expectations when it comes to the appearance and workmanship of your product? Do you appreciate flexible and reliable manufacturing methods with a lean management approach? Are you open to new technology that minimizes manufacturing costs? 

Discover the large bandwidth of services individually tailored to your devices and solutions from the area of medical technology and analysis:

  • Expert support in the cost-relevant design phase
  • Choice of a wide-range of manufacturing processes from laser through bending to final assembly
  • High level of expertise in complex weld seams
  • Highly flexible and integrated CNC manufacturing
  • Use of special joining technology, for example, click-type joints
  • Logistics: access to consignment stock or online KANBAN warehouse in series production

Savings potential by working with thinner stainless steel sheets

Use of special joining techniques, for example, click-type joints. Special joining techniques

Thin stainless steel sheets are the preferred option for your product as no additional rust protection is required through re-treatment of the surface, using processes like painting, powder-coating, or galvanizing. This property is ideal for use in clean room areas and thus plays a decisive role for your device. A clever initial design guarantees optimum stability even when thin sheet metal is used. In this way, you will reduce the throughput time, the weight of your components, and thus the manufacturing costs.

Investment in a long service life

In the medical industry, investments in new technology not only boost our company, but also your product. Therefore, we are happy to invest jointly in high-quality material processing and hard-wearing surfaces, which increase the life and quality of your products.

The facts at a glance:

  • Flexible and diverse manufacturing processes based on lean management methods
  • Highly flexible and integrated CNC manufacturing
  • Use of all conventional, but also special joining techniques, for example, click and clinch variants
  • Straightforward call-off solutions for series production
  • Low-cost use of stainless steel sheet
  • Investment in new technology

You want to find out how our expertise in medical technology and analysis technology can help to make progress? Let us tell you about it straightaway!