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“Tub centering” component for a safety engineering product

  • Realization in 2022
  • Stringent requirements on surface quality and accurate fit
  • International transport without negative impact on component

In 2022, Arnold was commissioned by an established industrial customer from the field of safety engineering to produce eight units each of 16 individual stainless steel components for a product called “tub centering.” The customer emphasized the importance of a precise fit as well as an appealing look, as all components would be prominently placed on the product without any further surface treatment.

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More unique = more complex bending

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The process of bending can get challenging when the components have individual dimensions. That was also the case here: All 16 individual components had different geometries, angles, and large radii. Bending was thus only possible with specially produced bending tools. Getting a perfect fit, i.e., ensuring that the curves and angles are neatly flush and that the gaps are as small as possible, is also extremely challenging under these conditions. Minimal clearances were also important in order to prevent heat distortion during the subsequent welding of the very thin, 1.5 millimeter thick 2B sheet. Dummies were constructed and produced to measure and check the components after bending.

Welding on extremely thin sheet metal

After the bending process, the welders at Arnold could really show off their skills. When welding thin sheet metal, heat will quickly cause unwanted distortions. It is important to work very consistently, which requires a lot of experience particularly in small corners and on tight components.

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Unique look through uniform grinding

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Unique gluing process

After welding and grinding the components, it was time to insert small glass windows. A suitable gluing method had to be developed due to the small seating surface. As Arnold has many years of experience in gluing metal in combination with other materials, the responsible adhesive specialist at Arnold was able to find a suitable adhesive (the so-called adhesive system). Naturally, the adhesive used was tested in advance in order to make sure that it would hold firm at its eventual place of use in the Middle East.

Safe delivery

If the grinding pattern of stainless steel surfaces is an important design aspect – as was the case here – then the packing of the components and the shipping have to be well-thought-out. The 8 x 16 individual components for the tub centering had to survive undamaged over a very long distance of over 6,000 kilometers. Thanks to an individual logistics concept with specially designed and softly lined transport boxes, this was not a problem.

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