Always at the artist’s side.

The first question is always: What is the artwork intending to say, what is its message? Once we have this information we can set about planning the entire project and clarifying important details: for instance, the choice of material. It makes a big difference whether you choose aluminum, steel, bronze, stainless steel, or some other, more unusual metal, since the pros and cons of production, looks, and subsequent maintenance are completely different in each case.

And there is a whole list of other issues that need to be addressed at the preparatory stage too:

  • Budgeting the project
  • Selecting various production processes
  • Support during the planning, design, and development phases
  • Production of the required components
  • Installation of the finished artwork

Art in public space


Arnold provides support to artists submitting competition entries or tenders for art in public space.

Preparations for these kinds of projects are often very complex and time-consuming. Planning applications have to be submitted and building permits obtained. We support artists in all phases of this process and remain in very close contact with them, helping them compile the participation documents and find solutions for the production, installation, and maintenance of artworks, and if required, for restoration as well.

Do you have an idea for a public artwork project? Let us help you make it happen!

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Arnold AG


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