3D metal printing

The art of innovation

For many years, Arnold has specialized in the revolutionary process of 3D WAAM metal printing. On two large machines at our Friedrichsdorf site, we print sculptural elements up to 1450 millimetres in size from various metals and then join them together. We then finish the surface and give the artwork a very special look, just as the artist wants it.

The innovation about the 3D metal printing process is that sculpture elements no longer have to be milled or cast from a block of metal. Thanks to WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing), metal is fused and precisely built up.

Innovative art production

One of the most modern ways of producing works of art is the 3D WAAM metal printing process. Cost-effectiveness, infinite variety of shapes and sustainability play a major role here. Be inspired by the wide range of possibilities and great advantages.

WAAM procedure.


Fully digital process

Reproducible and scalable thanks to the digital data basis.


Maximum creativity

The process enables even the most complex shapes to be realized.


Reduced warehousing

Optimized material usage leads to lower storage costs and easier handling of the material.


Replacement for cast parts

As mold making is no longer necessary, cast parts can be replaced in many applications. This also increases flexibility and cost efficiency.


Environmental friendliness

The lower material consumption contributes to sustainability and reduces the ecological footprint.


Material savings

Thanks to the efficient use of materials, the entire wire is processed, which minimizes waste.


Reduction of the project lead time

Fast and flexible production significantly shortens lead times, resulting in faster completion. This is particularly suitable for prototypes.


Near-net-shape production

Production takes place very close to the final shape, which reduces post-processing time and costs.


Wide range of materials

The wide range of materials increases the adaptability and variety of applications.

WAAM procedure.


Programming effort

Determination of the parameters for the optimum production process.


Size restrictions

Size restrictions must be circumvented by optimally dividing the workpieces and then joining them together.

Kai Weigel

Kai Weigel

3D Metal Printing

Are you looking for innovative solutions in 3D metal printing?

Are you looking for innovative solutions in 3D metal printing?

Our revolutionary 3D WAAM metal printing process sets new standards. Our mission: technological innovation and the highest material quality. Discover the advantages of our WAAM process and benefit from efficiency and precise material processing.


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