The three-storey crystal—Hypovereinsbank Tower, Munich

Project name: Crystal
Place: Munich
Architecture/design: HENN Architekten
Special features: Central design element inside the HVB Tower, spanning three stories with a total height of 17 m. Arnold served as general contractor, working with several different trades to produce the crystal’s substructure

Much more than just a parapet, the sculpture forms the highlight of the HypoVereinsbank lobby. Its purpose is to inspire clients and employees alike, to spark exchanges and germinate ideas. The Crystal—the highlight of the HypoVereinsbank foyer

The renovation of Munich’s HVB Tower, a landmarked building, posed a challenge for HENN Architekten and their team: What should the atrium look like? The unique silhouette of the Tower had to remain unchanged in the course of the renovations, although they had free rein on the building’s interior. The idea was born to create a three-storey sculpture, the Crystal, in the lobby area.

The completed sculpture is much more than just a parapet: it forms the highlight of the HypoVereinsbank lobby. The Crystal is part of a new workplace concept aiming to inspire employees and clients alike to share their thoughts and exchange ideas.

Teamwork please!

Arnold served as the general contractor, working with several different tradespeople to produce the Crystal’s substructure. Arnold as a general contractor with multiple subcontractors

The steel and aluminum substructure holds mounting plates to which the visible surface elements of mineral composite material were seamlessly attached.

Project partners: 5D-Engineering, Design-to-Production, Rosskopf+Partner

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