Gateway Gardens

Gateway Gardens,

Around 25,000 people will work in Frankfurt's newest district, Gateway Gardens, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the airport. At the north entrance on De Saint-Exupéry-Strasse, a sculpture in the design of the district logo has been welcoming them since fall 2022. According to the specifications of the Gateway Gardens real estate company and the Frankfurt design agency Hauser Lacour, the new entrance was to be modern, timeless and inviting.

Arnold was commissioned to design and manufacture the three-meter-high, 590-kilogram 3D sculpture. It contains 20 square meters of the special steel "Corten". Over time, it develops a very special optical surface and is often chosen for works of art. Under the influence of damp weather, a thick rusty surface forms, which conveniently protects against further corrosion.

After creating a 3D design model, Arnold divided the logo into segments and the contours were cut out of three and five millimeter thick sheets using laser cutting technology. Rounding the middle elements afterwards and welding them to the straight parts to create depth and visually create the 3D effect was challenging. 67 meters of welds, some with a very small radius, were then ground and the entire object sandblasted once again. Making corten steel sculptures with a uniform rusty surface is not so easy, because you need to work very cleanly.

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