Ayse Erkmen

Ayse Erkmen
since 2008

For the artist Ayse Erkmen we have been building sculptures with extremely high demands for many years. She always relates her works to the respective environment and develops them out of the atmosphere of the place.

The 900 kilogram sculpture "Crystal Rock" was technically a great challenge. Even the development, statics and construction of the 3.78 meter long, two meter wide and 1.5 meter high sculpture kept us on our toes. A total of 730 highly polished stainless steel sheets on a tubular frame form a 23-square-meter surface. In addition, the sculpture travels along the edge of the roof of the NRW Bank in Düsseldorf (Germany) at a height of 50 meters and uses a sophisticated control system to move itself to a safe parking situation in bad weather. We love the implementation of such technical refinements.

Of course, we also fulfill other surface requests, as in the case of the almost 22 meter high sculpture "Broche" with 30 individual stainless steel polished and gold-plated elements (Ghent, Belgium) or the stainless steel railing of the work "Turm79" (Essen, Germany), which is also gold-plated.

From the bottom of our heart, thank you Ayse Erkmen for your trust in us.

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