Image: M. Mehn


Marco Mehn


The exclusive "Resurrection" series by Marco Wehn was cast in several parts, meticulously assembled, lovingly mirror-polished and then refined with a wealth of details.


Planning, mechanical processing, high-gloss polishing

Project manager

Marcel Glapski


Marco Mehn



Image: M. Hintzen

A fascinating interplay of light and shadow

When Marco Mehn approached Arnold in 2018, he brought with him a visionary idea for the skull sculptures in his exclusive "Resurrection" series: larger than life, imbued with a dedication to detail and with a surface of such extraordinary precision that it unfolds a fascinating interplay of light and shadow. The sculpture is intended to give the impression of glowing from within, while at the same time reflecting its surroundings in an impressive play of reflections.

Image: M. Mehn

Mirror-polished perfection from Thuringia

We are proud to have accompanied the artist since the first edition and to be able to produce the 58-centimetre-high and almost 200-kilogram stainless steel sculptures at our factory in Steinbach-Hallenberg. Each sculpture was cast in several parts, carefully assembled, polished and then finished with countless details, entirely according to the artist's specifications. This undoubtedly required a great deal of patience and care in processing.


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Image: M. Mehn

Image: M. Mehn

Image: M. Mehn




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