Monument "HK Locomotive Jaroslavl"


We created a memorial for the ice hockey club "HK Lokomotive Jaroslawl" from 37 ice hockey sticks. Each stick symbolizes a team member. A heating system inside prevents icicles from forming. The inauguration took place on the second anniversary of the stadium.


Planning, production, delivery, assembly

Project manager

Marcel Glapski


Eishockeyklub „HK Lokomotive Jaroslawl“, Russland



A poignant symbol of unwavering team performance

In 2011, a tragic accident shook the world of ice hockey: the entire squad of the first division ice hockey club HK Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (Russia) lost their lives in a devastating plane crash. Amidst the grief and shock, we were given the honorable opportunity to erect a memorial to the injured athletes. 

This monumental memorial, weighing 20 tons, is made of steel and stainless steel and follows the design of the three Russian artists Vladimir Kaurov, Vladimir Demjanenko and Mikhail Beketov: It represents 37 symbolic ice hockey sticks - one for each deceased team member - arranged on a beam that together form the silhouette of a crashing eagle.

An eagle made from 37 field hockey sticks

This design is a poignant symbol of the unwavering team effort and solidarity of the athletes. Each club has its own size and mass, with the largest being eleven meters long and weighing 600 kilograms. To ensure that the monument retains its dignity and presence in all weather conditions, heating has been installed inside, controlled by a temperature and humidity sensor. This prevents the formation of icicles on the rackets, especially in the cold winters of Yaroslavl.

A particular challenge was the tight timeframe for the completion of the monument, as the inauguration was to take place exactly on the second anniversary of the "Arena 2000" stadium grounds of HK Lokomotive. We are deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of this emotionally moving project and would like to express our sincere thanks to the artists.


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