Dancing Miss Eiffel

Alexandre Leffie


Inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Alexandre Leffie created a dancing Eiffel Tower from filigree stainless steel.


Planning, production, delivery

Project manager

Marcel Glapski


Alexandre Leffie



From Paris to Los Angeles in one dance step

With his sculpture "Dancing Miss Eiffel", French artist Alexandre Leffie has created a tribute to the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. Inspired by the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, he has the sculpture balancing on a star-shaped pedestal like a ballet dancer.

For Leffie, Miss Eiffel symbolizes an ode to femininity, embodied by perfect beauty, grace and elegance. At the same time, she reflects the fragility of our social environment by unbalancing the structure, which weighs tons.

Brilliant views from the balcony

The realization of the filigree stainless steel body was a demanding challenge. The recesses in the fine framework are free of weld seams or traces of machining, and the mirror polishing of the metal lends the entire figure a remarkable delicacy. The gold-plated crown and the balconies look particularly elegant.


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