Image: P. Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel


Anne Imhof


The "Loge" is a prop from Anne Imhof's three-act opera "Angst" and therefore part of the performance. The box was made from sheet aluminum, which was 3D-formed and welded by hand. An aluminium frame was constructed inside the box as a gauge and for stabilization.


Planning, production, delivery, assembly

Project manager

Marcel Glapski


Kunsthalle Basel



With Arnold in the best box seats

For the performance "Angst" by Anne Imhof, Arnold developed a box based on the artist's design, which forms an element of the installation equipment for her performance. Every detail of the box is well thought out and artistically designed. Made from individual, 3D-formed aluminum sheets, which were then welded together with extreme precision, it embodies the synthesis of creativity and craftsmanship.

A synthesis of creativity and craftsmanship

The rough surface of the box was deliberately left as it is in order to preserve its authenticity and rawness. This conscious decision underlines the deep connection with the roots of the material and gives the box a unique expressiveness.

The manufacturing process of the box was a technical challenge of immense complexity. The three-dimensional shaping of the aluminum sheets pushed Arnold to the limits of what was possible.


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