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Mark Eisen was a creative visionary whose work demonstrated a deep understanding of materials and forms. His installations and designs were characterized by their attention to detail and artistic expression, which often went beyond the purely fashionable and achieved an emotional and aesthetic depth. His inspiring personality and positive philosophy of life left a lasting impression - and not just in the art world. We use this article to reflect on his life and work once again.

"We live our lives through objects - surrounded by objects."

Mark Eisen

Artist and designer

Mark Eisen-Signatur auf der Rückseite, 2023 Rostfreier Stahl und Farbe,130 x 130 x 17.6 cm, Einzelstück

Silver disc with two vertical concave ellipses, 2023

Mark iron signature on the back, 2023 Stainless steel, 130 x 130 x 17.6 cm, unique piece

Silver disc with two vertical concave ellipses, 2023

Detail side view

"My lifelong visual love has always been the backdrop of modern shapes and culture - squares, circles, ovals and rectangles. Man-made shapes - rare in nature in pure form - but so familiar to our modern lives and human touch."

Since the mid-2010s, Mark Eisen began to go through his personal archive to create sculptures. In his artworks we see key concepts and forms that he has developed over almost three decades as a designer. His sculptures are characterized by their complex forms and careful use of materials, showing a deep exploration of space and light. Working with various metals, he created works that were both aesthetically pleasing and technically sophisticated. These sculptures often reflect themes of movement, change and the human experience, and they demonstrate Eisen's ability to harmonize material and concept.

His geometric sculptures are characterized by a set of personal principles that emerge through the analysis of pure forms, silhouettes and shapes; the possibilities of material transformation; the affective compass of color; and the mechanics of layering, reflectivity, concavity and convexity. Mark worked exclusively with mathematically described, simple geometric forms. They are pure - not abstracted.

Mark Eisen passed away on November 17, 2023 at the age of 65 at his home in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

He continues to inspire us with his innovative approach, dedication to art and humanity, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. Mark Eisen's art archive, currently managed by his estate, includes fully developed concepts for over 400 sculptures. These include wall pieces as well as freestanding floor pieces for residential, contract and public art.

Mark Eisen, New York, 2022


Mark iron signature on the back, 2023 Stainless steel and colour, 130 x 130 x 17.6 cm, unique piece

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