Ilker Yardimci

A professor at Turkey's Duzce University of Art, Design and Architecture, Ilker Yardimci conducts academic studies and lectures on public sculpture and computer-aided sculpture design. His sculpture titled "Confusion of Prism" was installed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and another work titled "Lyrical Message" was featured in the open spaces of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. We met up with him for an interview.

"Simple geometric shapes are my source of inspiration."

Ilker Yardimci

Artist und designer

„Lyrical Message“, Stainless Steel, 2022, Beijing/PRC

"I think that the sphere is the main element and the basic building block of the universe."

„Poetic Circle“, Steel, 2019, Minqin/PRC

Mr. Yardimci, can you tell us something about how you find forms for your projects?

As a sculptor, I search for new compositions by incorporating geometric shapes and basic ideas into the production process. Simple basic geometric shapes are my source of inspiration. I also use shapes such as spheres, ellipses and cubes to develop my expressive possibilities and ideas. These shapes have an infinite potential for energy and symbolic expression. I think that the sphere is the main element and the basic building block of the universe.

Spheres have a strong meaning as well as a spiritual energy. I want to express this in my work in an abstract way with simple ideas: Motion, space and mass... Movement is the main principle of the universe. I always try to use movement in my sculptures - I want to create an illusion in the viewer's perception through cut shapes.

The concept of kinaesthetics keeps cropping up in your work - what is it all about?

The movement of the viewer around the sculpture creates a dynamic visual effect. Kinesthetics is a term from phenomenology and means "dynamic perception". Husserl coined the term in the belief that perception is always accompanied by a physical dynamic and that the perception of an object changes depending on the viewing angle.

Most of my sculpture projects are intended to contribute to this vision. I use computer-aided software in the production of my sculptures. The development of technology has a huge impact on art. These technological possibilities provide unpredictable contributions to the creative process.

„The Confusion of The Prism“, Steel, 2008, Beijing/PRC

„Lyrical Composition“, Stainless Steel, 2022, Izmir/Turkiye

"Sculpture plays an important role in expressing and changing human culture. I hope that my sculptures will contribute to this goal."

To what extent do you assess the social impact of your work?

As an academic, I work to share my experiences and results of these researches, opinions and productions in the field of sculpture with society, my colleagues and students in the form of articles and theses. Academic work is a lifelong professional learning process. I believe that knowledge grows when it is shared and opens the doors to new values. It is very valuable for me to learn and discover new things together with students, so that art gives meaning to life and the awareness of individual existence.

That is why I try to write simple poems with my sculptures. It is an important way to express my art in the urban space. Sculpture plays an important role in expressing and changing human culture. I hope that my sculptures will contribute to this goal.

Mr. Yardimci, thank you very much for the insightful interview.

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