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Arnold AG

Sales and personnel trends 2022


Company performance in 2022 was 60 million euros.


Around 400 regular staff and 30 trainees currently work at Arnold AG.


The average investment ratio over the past ten years was ca. 4 percent of company performance.


Arnold AG operates on a sound financial basis, allowing it to make decisions quickly and get things done.

The Arnold AG Board

The Arnold Board: Ingo Stemmer, Christoph Ebert
The Arnold Board: Ingo Stemmer, Christoph Ebert

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from 1924 to today

Arnold AG


Karl Arnold founds the company

His motto: “There’s no such thing as impossible” endures to this day, as does his philosophy: “Think like a craftsman, manufacture like an industrialist.”


Arnold is innovative from the word go, registering 8 patents and 28 utility model applications and winning 2 silver medals for its construction of wash boilers and butchers’ kettles.


Full steam ahead

Rolf Arnold, the son of the founder, forges ahead with making the company an industrial supplier.



Arnold moves to its current headquarters in Friedrichsdorf.


Strong partnerships

With the interior construction for Frankfurt’s Alte Oper opera house, Arnold returns to its roots in construction.


Arnold goes global

The Caracas opera house is the first major international interior construction project.


Arnold upgrades the machine park with the first welding robot and a punch laser combination machine.


The first brand

The brand claim “Arnold... stark in Metall!” ushers in a new era.


Go East

The road east leads to Steinbach-Hallenberg, Thuringia, where Arnold establishes a production location in the former GDR in collaboration with the Diller family.


Arnold moves into the new state-of-the-art premises in Thuringia. The number of employees grows rapidly.


Daimler Benz commissions Arnold to produce the first “Balloon Flower” for Jeff Koons.


Rolf Arnold hands over the management of the company to Uwe Arnold and Dieter Stemmer.


Merger of the Arnold companies to form a joint stock corporation.


Production capacity and facilities continue to expand at both sites.


Expectations exceeded

The project at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport becomes by far the largest foreign project to date.


The robot-assisted laser welding facility goes into operation.


A new generation on the board of directors: Ingo Stemmer and Christoph Ebert form the new board of directors together with Uwe Arnold.


“If it’s simple, someone else will do it”: Arnold embarks on a process of internal reorganization and revamps its public image.


The second brand

Arnold goes public with its passion! “Metalligent” becomes the company’s new watchword.


Uwe Arnold is leaving the Board of Management on January 1.
He hands over the baton to Christoph Ebert and Ingo Stemmer


Impossible? Only if you don’t believe in it: Arnold celebrates its 100th birthday.


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About Arnold

Friedrichsdorf/Steinbach-Hallenberg, Jun/05/2020. Arnold AG is a German specialist for high-quality products that are made of and/or include metal. The company was founded in 1924 in Frankfurt am Main by Karl Arnold and is now managed in its third generation by Uwe Arnold as CEO. Further board members are Ingo Stemmer and Christoph Ebert.

The range of services is diverse and goes far beyond classic metalworking. The company implements everything from small bending parts to complex assemblies for industrial customers as well as sophisticated elements for yacht manufacturers and high-quality sculptures for artists. In addition, it offers consultancy services for technical feasibility issues.   

Currently, around 400 permanent employees and 30 apprentices work at Arnold AG.

The headquarters of the company is located in Friedrichsdorf, Hesse. Another production site is located in Steinbach-Hallenberg, Thuringia.

In 2019, the company performance amounted to nearly 52 million euros.

Arnold AG includes the subsidiary Nordlicht GmbH (

Arnold AG is certified pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 (among other standards). The company is a member of the "Edelstahl Rostfrei" [stainless steel] information center, the DVS Deutscher Verband für Schweißen [the German Welding Association], the BME Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft [the Federal Association of Materials Management], the FVM Fachverband Metallhandwerk [the Professional Association of Metal Handwork] and the Deutscher Werkbund Hessen e.V. [the German Work Federation of Architects, Artists, Builders].

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